Why South Carolina Is a Great Place to Live

I want to start this off by mentioning that I have never lived in South Carolina. With that said, it is clear to me why others think this is a great place to settle. In case you are curious about their reasons, you may want to keep reading.

One thing I notice about people who live in the South is the fact that they are friendlier than those who reside in northern cities. It is common for people to hold doors for those behind them and say hello to one another as they walk down the street. This pleasantness is a far cry from the cold, emotionless existence that greets those who live in places like Boston and New York City.

Cheap prices are another reason that people move to South Carolina. Real estate costs are tremendously lower than you would find in other areas. For example, you can rent an entire home in Greenville, SC for the same price one would pay for a small studio in Los Angeles. Other things, like utilities and groceries are cheaper there as well.

Family-oriented communities are abundant in South Carolina. You can move your family there and raise them without worrying about some of the violence that is sweeping the nation. This is not intended to imply that there is no crime in this state, but it is a far cry from what people in other areas of the country experience.

The crazy thing is that all of these factors are not enough to convince me to up and move to the South. I am a fan of the craziness, hustle and bustle of cities in the North. With that said, all of the things I mentioned would make this an ideal home for many.

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