Greenville SC Was Quite Crowded For The Eclipse

On August 21st, 2017, a rare total solar eclipse crossed the United States from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast. Oregon and historic Charleson were highly sought after travel destinations as the starting point and terminus of the path of totality, as millions flocked hundreds and even thousands of miles for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the moon completely block out the sun. Most of the rest of the nation got a partial eclipse to enjoy.

While hotels went the fastest and for the most money in historic coastal Charleston, the port city of Colonial history actually suffered partial cloud cover and even a little rain in intermittent areas. Greenville, SC, on the other hand, had clear skies but a lot of crowds. Day-trippers came in from multiple directions.

Interstate 85 passes through the area, bringing tens of thousands from North Carolina and the Charlotte area, but also more from down south, as people from Georgia and the Atlanta area drove up to see the event.

Fortunately, city and business leaders were not only prepared, but knew how to capitalize on the event. Sports and entertainment stadiums were opened up with plenty of seating and eye glasses on hand, with food and beverage options available. Some sites even had festivities and entertainment.

The city made South Carolina’s hospitality front and center for anyone and everyone. The locals of course expected nothing less, and those coming from faraway were hopefully impressed enough to consider returning for a future vacation, and maybe even to move.

Greenville is a growing community with many businesses expanding or relocating here. Only hours from a major sea port and with easy interstate access to over half of America’s population within 12 hours, it’s an economic hub.

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