Greenville Sc Is One of the State’s Hubs of Commerce

Greenville SC is one of the state’s hubs of commerce and among the larger population centers. This growing area has an urban core but has not forgotten its rural roots and surroundings. Statistically, it is often combined with the city of Spartanburg just a short drive up the road for a larger combined metropolitan area.

The state of South Carolina is geographically divided into three regions. The coastal plains are dominated largely by the port and colonial city of Charleston. The central rolling Piedmont hills are home to the capital of Columbia, and Spartanburg represents the economic heart of the ‘upstate’ that slopes up into the Appalachian Mountains.

Interstate 85 is the main artery of vehicle traffic through the area, as it connects Greenville to Atlanta in the south and North Carolina in the other direction. Economic traffic and connections into its northern neighbor include Gastonia, Charlotte, Greensboro, and eventually the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

Interstate 26 is another highway passing nearby, giving Greenville residents easy access to Columbia and Charleston to the east. To the north, they can drive into the mountains of North Carolina and visit Asheville, where other interstate connections go on to Tennessee and Virginia.

Many companies call Greenville their home and headquarters due to cheap properties and a skilled workforce, partly the product of Clemson University. Almost half the American population is within a 12-hour drive of this city, so it’s a good central hub for shipping operations up and down the Atlantic Seaboard, the Gulf Coast, and even the Midwest.

Major sports and entertainment tours do visit the region, as the facilities and venues exist to accommodate such events. Many local breweries are popping up and proximity to the mountains means a lot of outdoor activities for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

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