Greenville Sc Is an Ideal Place for a Business Location

The South Carolina city of Greenville is proving to be an ideal place for major companies and businesses to put a location. Many that ship items around the nation are finding it to be a particularly good spot for warehousing and distribution.

There’s a number of reasons for this. Greenville’s size means that it’s big enough to provide a skilled labor force, but real estate and the cost of living are still on the low side, so doing business here doesn’t cost as much as other cities.

Other cities, two in particular, are what make Greenville such a great location. They city is only a few hours from both Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. That means that being in Greenville means being a part of the economic opportunities and connections of both those larger hubs of activity. Greenville is also situated within a few more hours of Atlantic Coast ports like Wilmington, Charleston, and Savannah.

Air and rail connections do run through Greenville, but trucking your things out to clients is possible, as over half of the American population is within 12 hours of here. Interstate 95 is a short drive east, running from Miami to New York City up and down the Atlantic Seaboard, home to a quarter of the American population. I85 gives direct access to the aforementioned Charlotte and Atlanta, and heading up I26 into the North Carolina mountains means going further north towards Virginia and Kentucky and then the Great Lakes via I81 or turning west on I40 for Tennessee and the Midwest.

If your business runs serious shipping, logistics, and transportation of goods and items across the East, setting up warehouses or manufacturing in Greenville might prove cheaper than larger cities you would still have access to.

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