Greenville SC is a Booming Place

Greenville SC is a booming place, both for businesses and people looking for a nice place to live. Of all the technological advances the 20th century brought about, air conditioning had a subtle impact on the world that went relatively unnoticed, as it was suddenly possible for the masses to live in comfort in the South and West.

A lot of population migration has headed to places like Florida and Texas, but those looking for a state with a polite culture turn to South Carolina, and while the summers can get a little hot, Greenville’s proximity to the mountains in the ‘upstate’ give it relatively mild weather and climate most of the year.

A number of interstate highways put larger urban centers like Charlotte and Atlanta within just a few hours of driving, so flying in and out of here is not a problem. Mountain skiing and hiking are close by, as are the beaches on the Atlantic.

Jobs abound in Greenville, as businesses continue to pop up. The expansion is fueled by the constant influx of new residents, and interstate connections making markets like Birmingham and Raleigh easily accessible in addition to the aforementioned cities. Shipping and transport are good business here, as the port city of Charleston is only a few hours down the road. A quarter of the nation’s population is within 12 hours of road or rail up and down the Atlantic seaboard, and fully half are included on the other side of the mountains.

There’s not as many natives in Greenville as there used to be, as many residents are now from up north, or folks that moved further south and then came back up a little for more temperature culture and milder weather, as compared to the excessive heat and humidity of Florida or Georgia.

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